We ́ve got you covered

1.  Member

Every member in the iHome Association receives our committed support.

As an organization, we legally assist our members by advocating for their real estate rights when unjustifiably affected.

Our representatives intervene and mediate in defense of our members by dealing with local administrative authorities.

• Defending the interest of our members
• Promoting the rights of foreigners living in Mexico
• Support when dealing with government authorities
• Assistance when dealing with private companies

2.  Legal

We understand the importance of real estate laws and offer professional advice, as required by foreigners living in Mexico. We offer integral consulting services, including management, paperwork, and permits which require specific knowledge of Mexican real estate laws.

We protect our members and act for their benefit. We recognize and understand municipal, state, and federal Government requirements and provide the necessary support to our members.

• Property due dilegence
• Property Rental Contracts
• Legal Advice on Purchasing and Selling
• Property Investigations
• Property Donations, Inheritances and Wills

3.  Member

We value the effort and support of our members.

We work hard to offer our members a wide variety of benefits, including partnerships with important tourism companies, reconigzed healthcare institutions, Important local service providers, and governments agencies.

Enjoy the many benefits we have to offer.

• To be represented and supported by the Association.
• Participate in the activities of the Association.
• Enjoy exclusive member discounts.
• Vacation Rentals Plataform.

4.  Exclusive

Being a member of the iHome Association has its privileges. We strive to attain member satisfaction by providing personalized attention and services.

We offer reliable and consistent support by continuously seeking excellence in service and attention.

We make life easier for our valued members by providing exclusive services of unprecedented value.

• Specialized Services
• Real Estate Consulting
• Vacation Rental & Marketing
• Property Management & Administration
• Real Estate legal Advice & Tax Consulting

5.  Family

We strive to establish advantageous opportunities on behalf of our members by creating programs and alliances with other members and institutions.

Do you like to stay active and explore new things?

We pride ourselves on being a talented and creative team, offering innovative opportunities for everyone.

We offer extensive programs to our iHome family members.

Get ready, good things are on the way.

6.  Community
     & Social

Our aim is to keep our community active by generating communication and information that is of great interest to all.

Via different programs, events, bulletins, alerts, and important announcements, our enthusiastic team of volunteers organize events and provide important information to our valued and respected community.

We are committed to serving our members.

• Submission of relevant information and a calendar of events
• Participation in the most important events in your location
• Participation in conferences and courses
• Important information about the city (Newsletters, News, etc.)
• Monthly newsletter
• Sending of news, alerts and important communications